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Raiffeisen Bank Kosova

The project of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo started in August 2012; Albaelettrica participated in the project design of electrical systems including designing medium voltage, low voltage, power calculations, calculations of lighting, DATA distribution system etc. The project went through under the observation of the supervisor (IC consulting, an Austrian company).

Works in the building began in January 2014 and still continue. Our company has fulfilled all deadlines in regards to the work required and according to established standards. Each work performed is done in coordination with other working groups in the site.

The staff involved in the project:

  • Site Engineer (Eng. Vaso Papamihali) responsible for overseeing the implementation of the project;
  • Technical Support from office and staff of Albaelettrica;
  • 6-8 working groups of master and assistant electricians;
  • As well as staff from Kosovo.
  • AE guarantees offered in partnership with ABB
    ABB quality products, their compliance with international norms and standards, the variety of products to meet every requirement is an advantage of this partnership; When work is finalized, we offer security, functionality and compliance with European standards.

    • CLIENT Raiffeisen Bank Kosova
    • YEAR 2016
    • WE DID Electrical Installations
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