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LEDVANCE is a worldwide leader in innovative lighting products as well as intelligent and connected lighting solutions (Smart Home). The company emerged from the classical lighting business of OSRAM and combines traditional general illumination with modern, forward-looking lighting technology.

Modern Classics: retro lamps and luminaires from Ledvance

The Edition 1906 references the language of design from the early 20th century, with the name harking back to the founding year of the Osram brand, currently under the name of Ledvance. Various vintage-look lamps are combined with the purist, high quality “PenduLum” luminaire – in gold or black. The functional pull cord principle with various anchor points allows the light to be accurately positioned almost anywhere. The lamps are available optionally with LED filament or halogen technology and come in four traditional shapes.

Inspired by the looks of former times ...

“We’re pleased that traditional shapes are currently becoming popular again. The edition is inspired by the looks of former times but at the same time corresponds to today’s technical standards,” stated Jonas Lindemann, Project Manager at Osram.

The LED and halogen lamps in the series are available in the classic Globe, Edison, Oval and Tubular forms. The gold-colored coating of the LED glass bulb additionally emphasizes the vintage design. The lamps emit discreet light thanks to low wattages, and the unusual shapes make them genuine eye-catchers whether at home in living rooms, in restaurants or in the lounges of hotels.

The Edition 1906 LED range consists of 4W (non dim) and 7W (dimmable) lamps, in two shapes. With a relaxed warm white color appearance (2400K), the gold tinted glass lamps offer a unique vintage lighting effect.


LED lamps

LED tubes

Halogen lamps

Specialty lamps

Incandescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps

High intensity discharge lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps with integrated control gear

Compact fluorescent lamps w/o integtated control gear

My home. My freedom

My light.

State-of-the-art LED technology. For an efficient and modern home design with a personal style.

Retro lighting

Vintage, retro, classic, nostalgia – call it whatever you like but there’s no denying it’s all the rage! From the American jukebox playing classics on vinyl to the iconic Italian Vespa, retro is experiencing a dynamic revival the world over. And at LEDVANCE, we are spreading the glow. The way we live is changing at breakneck speed. But the faster we head towards a bold, new digital future, the more we seem to love all things retro. In an increasingly virtual world, we crave nostalgia, timeless design, authenticity and durability. And maybe it’s the fact that retro simply looks cool – after all, it’s the ultimate style statement.

Speak your light!

It could not be simpler: Talk to Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri and control your light individually with your voice. The features: on/off, dimming, color change, light temperature.

Apple HomeKit:
"Hery Siri, turn the light on."

Control your lighting with Siri via voice or with the Home App from Apple

Amazon Alexa:
"Alexa, turn on the light."

Super cool: Control your SMART+ products by voice

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