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Hot water by natural energy at no cost!

Q-ton is a heat pump system with CO2 natural refrigerant to be used for the production of domestic hot water, in residential, commercial, industrial and tourism applications.

Q-ton is able to produce hot water to 90° C in presence of -25° C outside temperature. No one before had managed to do so much! To obtain this result, the new two-stage compressor is employed, produced and patented by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

CO2 Q-ton heat pump system has a thermal power of 30 kW – which it succeeds in keeping constant also with an outside temperature of -7°, thus allowing effectively the quantity of hot water supplied throughout the period of the year. Q-ton can produce about 750 litres of hot water, post mixed at 45° C, for every hour of operation. It can also be installed in modular combination up to 16 units, thus permitting to reach a production capacity of 480 kW (12,000 litres of hot water per hour).

CO2 heat pump system can be easily installed, meeting the needs of the small building, as well as of the large spa, with an easy and intuitive touch panel control system.
Q-ton realizes an energy saving higher than any other combustion system able to ensure the same use temperature of 90° C. It can be combined with conventional combustion systems with no particular plant-engineering problems, being placed outside the thermal station.
Moreover, CO2 Q-ton heat pump system is the ideal system in building industry, able to fulfill the prescriptions required by the new Legislative Decree g.s. n. 28 of 3 March 2011. In fact, this Decree imposes a production of 50% of hot water by renewable energy, in order to obtain the construction permits on new buildings.


The first two-stage GSR compressor

"Q-ton" adopt the two-stage compressor GSR new concept, which allows a significant increase in performance at low outdoor temperatures.

The first stage (low pressure) is realized by a rotary compressor (rotary), characterized by good efficiency at low compression ratios, while the second stage (high pressure) is achieved by a scroll compressor, which allows a good efficiency at high compression ratios.

The two-stage configuration therefore allows to obtain high compression ratios with a good overall efficiency.

Moreover, the refrigerant in the injection medium pressure compartment, between the two stages of compression, allows a coolant recirculation on the gas cooler, increasing the thermal power output.


The remote control with touch-screen allows you to fine tune your system for maximum energy savings

In an air / water heat pump system with CO2 refrigerant in residential, commercial and tourist, to optimize performance and energy saving is necessary to control the heat generator and the heat storage system according to the time of the request utilities.

The remote control allows a scheduler temperature and the proportion of hot water to accumulate in the tanks. It features peak-cut timer, weekly timer, on-screen user manual and functions useful for diagnostics.

With just one remote control you can manage simultaneously and independently up to 16 modular units from 30 kW, with a total heat output of 480 kW.

Watch the video of the operation of the heat pump Q-ton

The Q-ton heat pump through the evaporator (air / gas heat exchanger) extracts renewable thermal energy contained in a low temperature atmosphere. Such energy, thanks to the action of the two-stage compressor, it can be sold at high sanitary water temperature to be heated by the gas cooler (gas / water heat exchanger). The heat pump receives cold cold water from 5 ° C to 25 ° C and produces hot water from 60 ° C to 90 ° C.

Up to 50% savings on hot
water costs

6 times more efficient than a diesel boiler, 50% less emissions

It produces hot water at 90°C also with outside to -25°C

Product Data Sheet

Type ESA30E-25
Power Supply 380~410V/3Ph/50Hz
Power in spring and autumn
Outside temperature 16° Cbs / 12° CBU

Incoming water 10°C, output water at 60°C
Thermal Power (kw)
Electrical power consumption (kW)
Power in winter
Outside temperature 7° Cbs / 6° CBU

Incoming water 5°C, output water at 60°C
Thermal Power (kw)
Electrical power consumption (kW)
Energy efficiency 114%
Energy Class A
Compressor type Double stage Rotary/Scroll - DC Inverter
Refrigerant (type/kg) R744(CO2)/8,5
Fan axial x 2
15.600 m3/h
Circulator electronic
5m @ 17 liter/min
Noise Level 58 dB(A)
Operating Temperature External Air (°C)
Inlet Water (°C)
Outlet Water (°C)
-25 ~ +43
+5 ~ +63
+60 ~ +90
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 1690 x 1350 x 720
Net Weight (kg) 375