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OST Project

Undertaken by Albaelettrica from the construction phase of the building, the project, funded by the Italian government, was part of the modernization of the power transmission network.
Albaelettrica, subcontracted by ABB, a global leader, gave technical solutions that met organizational and functional requirements of OST.

The project included:
– Construction of the Civil Part;
– Electrical Installations;
– Installations of Air Conditioning;
– Connection with Sub Station Tirana 2;
– Construction of the hall-monitoring control: Dispatch Center

Albaelettrica brought new standards in the construction and architectural sector. Trusted by leading foreign partners in this industry, this project was of great importance for our company because we successfully engaged not only with the implementation of electrical processes.
The work on the project lasted 14 months and the company engaged committed construction engineers, electro-mechanics etc.

Albaelettrica continues with such similar projects, both in public as well as private sector.

OST manages the transmission system of electricity in Albania. It is about 20 km away from the city center and accommodates approximately 120 employees.

The construction area is 7800 m2 and outdoor green areas 10,000 m2.

  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Construction of the Civil Part, Electrical Installations, Installations of Air Conditioning,
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