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Interior Lighting Design

Lighting sometimes is an often overlooked element of interior design but when considered carefully, it can add tremendous impact…

(Birdie by Foscarini)

Interior lighting will enhance the color of your décor, provide a sense of warmth and atmosphere and, it can also be used to identify different zones within your home.

There are essentially three types of lighting which when combined correctly, will create your optimum lighting solution:

General Lighting


This is the lighting that simply makes the room visible. You can choose Discoco by Marset. 

Exuberant even when turned off, the richness of the light issuing from the Discocó lamp provides direct downward illumination along with a dramatic play of lights and soft shadows.

When the light is turned off, it retains its attractive presence, hinting at the expansion of energy that is fully expressed when it is turned on.

Task Lighting

Directed lighting to facilitate close range work like food preparation, reading or hobby crafts.
You can choose Pencil table lamp by Tom Rossau.

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Pencil lamp from Danish Tom Rossau is a humorous and simple lamp that creates eye-catcher and a cozy atmosphere.

… or Polo by Marset

… or Caravaggio by Lightyears

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Accent Lighting

Lighting that adds drama, delivering light to focal points. It can be used to quickly change the mood and atmosphere in the room. You can choose Behive by Foscarini.

Its rounded, sensual and at the same time stylish shape was created by an overlapping sequence of rings, each of a larger diameter starting at the small base, from which the lamp appears to take off. The light source is not directly visible from any perspective, thereby enhancing the appeal of the lamp. Its soft and inimitable lighting effect makes it an object, a decorative ornament, a pure emotion. Charming and magical when it is on, Behive turns into a poetic, domestic sculpture when it is turned off, revealing its dual, reversible nature: white turns black, light becomes shadow. This product arouses a unique emotion and is perfect to highlight an important as well as an intimate setting, in different uses: on top of a side board, a table or even on the floor.

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