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Albaelettrica - Tam Tam lights Blog

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

It is time to start thinking about how you can make an impression with your dining room design this season. One critical aspect of your design is lighting. Lighting is important because it contributes to the overall atmosphere. Good lighting will create a warm element that allows you to feel comfortable exactly the vibe you want.
The lighting design for the dining room should reveal all aspects of the space with the table as the focal point. Lighting should be from several locations with the fixture over the table being the central design elements but not the sole source of light in the room.
Before you ever set the table, set the mood of your dining room with a hanging light fixture. From traditional chandeliers to modern lights, here are some of our proposals:

Chrystal Chandelier
If a crystal chandelier is a little too traditional, you’ll appreciate this fresh take on a hanging light fixture that combines a metal frame with strands of amber glass. The fixture blends styles, making it a good choice for transitional décor.

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This is “Albinon” by La Murrina. 

Multiple light fixtures

If your room is large or you want to illuminate a large table, consider multiple light fixtures. A pair of pendants is perfect for a dining table. This is a good option for open rooms with high ceilings because they take up visual volume in the space.

This is “Cosmos” by Vibia. Inspired by the endless possibilities of the universe, these celestial discs float through time and space to create the perfect symbiosis of design and light source.

Oversized pendant

A modern shape pendant casts a glow on the table and guests alike. An oversized pendant light is the perfect way to make a big statement in your dining room.

This is “Domenica” by Karman Italia. Like a feast day breaks up the monotony, goes beyond the matter, and explodes in the space spreading like a melody.

Horizontal pendant

Choose a dining room light fixture that complements your room or table. Here, a single pendant would look too small. A chandelier would look too formal. This horizontal fixture is just right, casting diffused light on all parts of the table.

(Quarter by Fabbian Lighting)

The lighting elements of Quarter take form inside a thin layer of white aluminum.

The beauty of this lamp is the fact that it can be used in different environments and is perfect to give depth and movement to your home. The Quarter collection is made up of indoor wall and ceiling lamps, available in seven different sizes, plus two hanging lamps, also for indoor use.

Check also these amazing photos introducing ‪‎Cage‬ ‪‎light collection‬ by Diesel with Foscarini, where Classic meets Contemporary.‬‬

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Wall Lighting and More
It is important to add unique elements to your dining room lighting scheme. Another area where lighting can be added is the walls. Consider adding wall sconces for a sense of warmth and decoration and accent lighting from the ceiling to light additional features.

You may find all these lighting collections at our ‪‎Temple‬ ‪Showrooms‬‪ “Alpas Center” ‬‬‬

Tirana Albania‬.