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Pack and go: The foldable bike for moving naturally once reaching your destination

E-bit Holiday is available in Holiday version. It has wheels 18”, with tyres suitable for bumpy roads. E-bit Holiday includes all technological innovations of Wayel house: 36 V batteries are Lithium-Ion and equipped with Samsung cells, thus ensuring a higher quality and safety. Batteries are available in 2 different capacities, that can be freely selected according to the route needs. The gear is 3-speed Shimano Nexus embedded, for shifting gears also when in stationary position. The 3 assistance levels – selectable by computer on board – allow to manage the power supplying of motor in the best way, while the pedalling is always very light.

E-bit Holiday, thanks to its versatile front motor 250 W/19 Nm in combination with the wheels 18”, is able to face medium distances covered. The implementation of the new 3-speed Shimano Nexus integrated gearbox allows to overcome with no problem even the most challenging climbs, and to shift gear even at a stationary position.

Range: 35 - 50 Km (short battery: 1,9 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 4h (short battery: 1,85 Kg)

Range: 50 - 65 Km (long battery: 2,3 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 5h (long battery: 2,3 Kg)

Foldable bike

The fold is easy and quick, requiring 3 simple moves, and its minimum overall dimensions and weight satisfy the need for agility and freedom. The standard trolley facilitates mixed mode commuting in town (by car, underground, bus and train), as well as easy storage while on recreational trips (by camper, boat and plane).

Lithium Ion battery

Wayel is the only company in the world that allows you to chose the battery capacity and to decide the range of your electric bike.

Front motor

Brushless Aluminium motor 250 W/19 Nm 36 V. Compact and light requires no maintenance. Located on the front wheel to guarantee perfect adherence to the ground.

Belt drive

No chain, no oil on hands and clothes, no maintenance.

Cushioned saddle

E-bit H is equipped with a new black saddle: the comfortable padding and the new shock absorption suspension make softer any type of road pavement.

Soft bag with wheels

Useful foldable soft bag supplied in standard equipment.

Multifunction control display

3 speed selections; soft start function (up to 6 km/h without pedalling); start and control of the battery status.


Its minimum overall dimensions and weight satisfy the need for agility and freedom, without compromising comfort and stability. The distance between the adjustable height saddle and handlebar guarantees comfort and a steady ride.

Comfort 18″ wheels

With tyres suitable for bumpy roads.